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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tabata Toast

Jerry is an evil genius. Tabata squats backed up by muscle ups is a sick combo. Twice through is insane. And for the many of us that cannot yet get a muscle up, subbing 5 pull ups + 5 ring dips is flat out brutal.

Yeah, I loved it.

My first muscle up is on deck soon, but it was not today. Maybe it is my weak, throbbing left shoulder that I am getting an MRI on in the a.m? More on that tomorrow.

This was a classic Crossfit workout. Deceptively simple on paper, quick, and deadly. Tabata squats drain you, and it is as much mental as anything. When you let your mind drift, you can have an off round, and mess up 7 other rounds of solid output. I got sloppy and only got 12 in the last round - ruining the 16+ I had gotten in every other round. I even had a 20 one round, all for nothing.

8 rounds, 10 seconds rest and then:

sets of 5 pull ups and 5 ring dips non-stop for 4 minutes. Come on! I did almost 50 pullups + 50 ring dips in 4 minutes. That is awesome - and pain inflicting. I am so much more capable than 6 months ago. The difference continues to floor even me.

By the second go round, I was so spent, that after 7 full cycles of pull ups and ring dips, I saw there was only 10 seconds left and I threw in the towel. I never, ever like to quit - but seeing as I had to make a run to the bushes - I think it was ok.

Definitely came back and trudged through the extra work of 3 rounds of 20 pushups and 30 ab mats. When you are already toast, doing the extra work is icing on the cake. I could hardly get off the floor, but I pushed through. I am sure to be rewarded somehow.

100% Completely spent. My wife was late coming home from work too, so I had to scramble to make dinner ASAP. I would have preferred to lie on the floor like a post WOD Soni, but not tonight.

Tomorrow I hope to emerge from the MRI tube with an answer - and then directly hit the lunch WOD. There is something wrong with me for sure.


  1. Is there anything in particular that caused the shoulder pain?

  2. When I was a kid I dislocated my shoulder and broke my left arm. I either have bad mechanics that causes a problem, or it is related arthritis. But it sucks, and the more I do CrossFit this more it hurts from all the work.

    I note several CFOT people who complain about shoulder pain including waking up in pain and having to flip over.

    All in all, it is a minor price to pay for being jacked up. And maybe my MRI will shed some light on it.

    Otherwise, I will keep putting my chiropractors kids through college.