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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pushups, pullups, rinse (400m) repeats

Another WOD in my wheelhouse. The news yesterday was that I need to take a 30 day break from lifting more than my bodyweight (my interpretation may not exactly be what the Doc ordered - he does not know me or Crossfit).

"Coach Andrea"
150 Perfect Pushups for time.
15 Pullup Penalty for every time you foul/miss range of motion/Res

So I took my anger, mixed it with Laurie's awesome choice of death metal, and hit this bodyweight WOD with all I had. Got 50 then 25 in rounds 1&2 and was halfway done in about 3 minutes - with Melissa watching my form pretty closely. Then I fell to 20, 10, 10, 10, 7 and a 18 to finish it. I took an extra break after pullup set #7 and convinced myself I could do the remaining 18. Feel that burn. Actually I am still feeling it.

9:11. Nice.

Then I still had some residual anger and I hit all 5 suggested 400m repeats. I am really pushing it, yet trying to follow Dr. orders and rehab my rotator cuff at the same time. This kind of regimen is new to me and kind of fun - for now. I will miss the Oly lifts dearly.


  1. Dude, now THAT is a blazing time. Proud of you dude, way to channel that inner rage!

    About Laurie's music... define "Death Metal" for me.

  2. Sean - OK it was not death metal. But in the line of Godsmack, etc...

    Not sure what the kids call that these days.

    But it was loud and angry and Laurie was attentive to hit next when she thought the current song was not angry enough.

  3. Godsmack = "Buttrock."

    I am not a fan of "Buttrock" ask Chad.