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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tabata that, and push jerk

Row 6
Burpee 7
High Pull 8
Box Jump 6
Total 27

I did not really attack this workout. I could have gone balls out and scored 1 more point in each of the 4 exercises - or 248 reps instead of 216 reps. Not sure why I held back. In past Tabatas I have started fast and faded. This time, I started at a slow pace and planned to keep the same # of reps for all 8 rounds. Surprisingly, this was easier than I expected. I had almost 5 seconds left on most rounds.

Maybe I am getting fitter, and can keep up a higher level of effort than before. Next tabata I will challenge myself more.

Jerk -190. I did push jerk to baby my sore knee a little. Maybe it was more of a push press at the end. Melissa was keeping me honest and reminding me to get under the bar.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to CFOT for Mary

7 2/3 rounds:
5 handstand pushups on parallettes (oh my)
10 reverse lunges (2-45# plates) for the pistols
15 pullups

First day back at cfot in a week. It’s good to be home.

Not only that, but compare this effort to my first workout after Xmas break a year ago. Yup. Pukie time.

Today, I felt pretty good.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A visit to CrossFit Legion - Knoxville, TN

Visiting My wife's cousins in Knoxville, I decided to take a little road trip. Just 10 minutes down the road is a new box called Crossfit Legion. Henry took an old service (gas) station and turned the large open room into a good sized cf box.

There was no scheduled class, but Henry answered my email with a call and invited me to come in while he did some paperwork.

So I messed around and used the stretch band. Then I did his prior day wod. 10-1 pull ups mixed with 1-10 push ups. Simple and quick. But I really go after it and only let go of the bar once or twice. Finished in 5:05.

My knee is still messed up. I cannot really fold my right leg completely. It feels swollen and painful. More stretching and a rehab visit soon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Limping to the finish

The year is done. Or at least in 9 days it is. But I am traveling for most of this, so my cross fit year is pretty much done. It was an amazing year. I think that is nothing that I did in 2009, that I did not to better, faster stronger in 2010. Every lift, every Fran, every pull up. Considering that I am on the south side of 40 (or is 41 the north side?) that is incredible.

But the last week has been total crap. My knee hurts, my good shoulder hurts, and I was too busy to do the Hopper. That put me in a funk. So it is a great time to head out of town and work that lacrosse ball, stretch band and rest,

See you all in 2011. Although I would love to hit the wod tomorrow before my flight. We'll see.

Tuesday 12/21

Wod 1: I fear the 2k row , but today I had no energy and funny enough, if you row a slow enough pace it is not that bad. I finished in 8:40 and basically had the same pace thoughout. This was more about doing it as opposed to skipping the wod, which was a thought.

Wod 2: 1 rep push press. Did I mention that I did this at the sport n flex. So for this wod, I had to keep the grunting and weight dropping to a minimum. That held me back. I worked several sets of strict press to warm up. 65x3, 85x3, 115x2 and 135x2. Then push press x 1 of 135,155, 175, 185 195. No misses. Called it a day.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday 12/20

My knee is still sore from Pistols a few weeks back. Clearly I pulled or strained something.

So no to heavy squats today.

Alt WOD:
50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 ab mats, 200 air squats

WOD 2 - 30 muscle ups. I did 10, failed once and felt something off in my shoulder. Decided to lay it safe and I stopped. I was on a good pace.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Strict Press x1, Weighted Chin Up

In 21 minutes, bounce back and forth between strict press and weighted chin ups for a 1 rep max on each.

Worked up to 175# strict press. I think 45, 95, 125, 145, 165, 175

Chin ups - 0, 26, 35, 45, 53, 63, 70, 75(f)

The 175# was not a PR. Back in August I hit 190 - which is insane. Prior to that my PR was 181, so I was on fire that day. Today the 175# was a struggle. I could have attempted one more lift, but I would not have gotten 190#. I was getting tired of running back and forth between the weighted chins and the strict press. I see that in 21 minutes I attempted 13 weighted lifts. That is not much rest. So not getting a PR today on the press makes sense. Plus yesterday's workout took a brutal toll. I am sore.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clean x 1, then KB horribleness

20 minutes to work on 1 rep clean. Chad was on fire and hitting this workout with enthusiasm. I walked in sore, tired and in a funk. Thank God for Chad. He pushed me to go after it, and 10 minutes in we had 200# on the bar. Actually 201.5, then 205. Near miss twice at 210. Felt good.

95,115, 135, 155, 175, 185, 201.5, 210 (f), 205, then 210 (f)

WOD #2: 21,18,15,12,9,6,3 swings with the 70# bell. Complete all sets without a break. Rest in between as little as possible. I blew it on the round of 12. Got 10 and failed. Had to do that over. Ughh.

Good day. Painful, but good.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Potomac Crossfit Throwdown

This was awesome to watch. Rather than me talking about it, you can go to their write up. Results are here.


And also a few videos mostly from the final event, which was 20 reps of 195# squat cleans. Here and Here and Here

Friday, December 10, 2010

Every Minute for 10 minutes Deadlift x 1

This was fun. 5# away from my PR. Missed lifts 8 and 10. 10 was a PR attempt. Lift 9 was my best deadlift ever. Only 5# from my PR and it flew up and felt easy.
245-275-295-305-315-325-335-345(f)-345 – 355(f)

Chad with a big lift, which I am sure he will post right after this.

Encouraging and yelling for him was almost as fun as the lifting.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


I wanted to work on form. I can push press around 210, but unless I really commit to the jerk and get under the bar, I will never increase what I can get overhead.

Started out ok at the lighter weights. Even 190 seemed decent. But when I get over 200, I cop out and just press it. Need more work.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Front Squat & Diet news

20 minutes for a 1 rep max. My knee is funky. Did 205 and called it a day.

Met Con:
12 minutes. 7 rounds: 10x Pullup, box pistols, Ring rows.

Feeling achy. My diet has been poor lately, and while I have put on no weight - I am not feeling it. Back to super strict Paleo. This is probably the worst food stretch I have had. Candy, cookies, pasta, pizza, a bagel! Unlike me. Actually, very much like me in 2008 and prior. But if in fact it is these 3 days of poor eating that made me achy and lethargic, I am shocked. I will report back on Friday after some clean (normal) days.

Bigger shock is that I am still 162. I keep expecting to top 165 with all this poor eating.

Monday, December 06, 2010

B(log) is for Bitching

I realize that most of the time I am in a pretty upbeat mood and generally enthusiastic about crossfit and all other minor matters. But of late, I have been sick, worked out too hard, and now I am sore and not able to perform as I want.

So coach reminded me to RICE my knee. (Rest, Ice , Compression, Elevation)

I could do that. But instead, I went to Crossfit, scaled the weight and exercise, and best of all - I just bitch about it a little on my blog. What else is my blog for?

So ok, I will ice my knee. And take fish oil, etc. And thanks for listening.

High Hang Snatch, then metcon

Knee was swollen and inflexible. Did not attempt squat snatches. Did 95# power snatch pretty well.

wod 2 was 12/9/6/3 of snatch and push press. 6:00 at 95#.

Friday, December 03, 2010

First Friday (post)

30 muscle ups - 9:01
500m row - 140.8

Ever since getting my first muscle up at the end of August, I have wanted to do this. My goal is 6 minutes. Which I pulled out of thin air with no context. Today, this week, was not the day to get that time. First, I was pretty sick and I am still on antibiotics. Second, and foolishly, I have taken no rest days from cf this week. Not a good combination. And over the last two days we have done max strict press, 50 dips, push ups and 50 more presses along with 44 strict chin ups. My arms have not recovered.

When I usually could do 3 or 4 muscle ups, I could only get 2 or 3. And after getting 15 ( half way) in 2 minutes, the last 15 took 7 more. Almost a minute on the last one. I want a rematch. But I need to recoup - a lot.

Row. My best ever. Feeling better on the rower, but it still sucked.

Lastly , some double unders.

First Friday - (Pre)

A great tradition at Crossfit Oldtown is First Friday where members complete one (or multiple) Crossfit Hero or Girl wods. This is great for several reasons.
*First, you get to do something you choose to do, rather than being told what to do, and sometimes it is nice to have a choice.
*Next, these are benchmark workouts that you can compare your results with others, or yourself over time. We don't do Helen or Badger that often, and certainly not more than once a year, so if you want, you can use this as a test - retest.
*It helps you get towards a goal. If you want a sub 5 Fran, then work towards it and knowing that you are going to do it in a few weeks will help you focus.

With all that, I love First Friday, but I am not happy about this one. I am recovering from a cold, and more pressing, is the 4 brutal workouts I have done without a rest day over the past 4 days. I can barely move my arms, so this is gonna be tough.

30 Muscle ups for time, here I come.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Jerry's Birthday WOD

44 was the theme:

44 strict pullups, 44 pistols, 44 situps,
44 box jumps, 44 air squats, 44 situps,
44 sledge strikes, 440m run, 44 situps,
44 double-unders, 44 walking lunge(Grab a 45lb plate if you need to HTFU), 44 situps

I subbed rowing a 600m for the run and 2x airsquats for the pistols.
Time 29:15

I thought this would kill me, but at the pace I was going it was just slow and steady. I was proud of the double unders that were not too bad today. Especially considering I just had hopped of the rower. 44 dead hang chin ups were tough.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Strict Press x 5, then a pushing metcon

Worked up to 145 x 5. Tried 150 and got only 3. That was plenty.

The metcon was a bruiser. Reminds me of the JT hero wod -all pushing.

7 push press 115
7 ring dips
7 hand release pushups
15 minutes

The first few rounds are a breeze. Nothing to it. Then it begings to fall apart. I was unable to get even the 7 pushups by round 4, and had to break them up. Ended with 7 and a third plus 1 dip. Ouch.