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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Limping to the finish

The year is done. Or at least in 9 days it is. But I am traveling for most of this, so my cross fit year is pretty much done. It was an amazing year. I think that is nothing that I did in 2009, that I did not to better, faster stronger in 2010. Every lift, every Fran, every pull up. Considering that I am on the south side of 40 (or is 41 the north side?) that is incredible.

But the last week has been total crap. My knee hurts, my good shoulder hurts, and I was too busy to do the Hopper. That put me in a funk. So it is a great time to head out of town and work that lacrosse ball, stretch band and rest,

See you all in 2011. Although I would love to hit the wod tomorrow before my flight. We'll see.

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