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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Strict Press x1, Weighted Chin Up

In 21 minutes, bounce back and forth between strict press and weighted chin ups for a 1 rep max on each.

Worked up to 175# strict press. I think 45, 95, 125, 145, 165, 175

Chin ups - 0, 26, 35, 45, 53, 63, 70, 75(f)

The 175# was not a PR. Back in August I hit 190 - which is insane. Prior to that my PR was 181, so I was on fire that day. Today the 175# was a struggle. I could have attempted one more lift, but I would not have gotten 190#. I was getting tired of running back and forth between the weighted chins and the strict press. I see that in 21 minutes I attempted 13 weighted lifts. That is not much rest. So not getting a PR today on the press makes sense. Plus yesterday's workout took a brutal toll. I am sore.

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