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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Helen - 11:32 (PR!)

I had no intention of setting a PR, I just wanted to complete all 3 rounds unbroken and without totally dying at the end. Which is also known as a good way to set a PR. Going out too fast and dying is a time waster. It might be good to push yourself, but not efficient.

Helen; with 3 rounds of the same reps. steady is faster. For Fran - where you do less reps, you can be more aggressive and hope to hold on.

That is all the wod philosophy I have for today.

Front Squat / Metcon

Front squat x1. I was able to get 235m which is a PR. But my form is off. I am not keeping upright, because I am trying to use my quads. I need to do better.

Met con of wall ball and toes to bar. 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 each. Wall ball felt better than ever before. Not sure why. But I was able to do the rounds of 30, 10 and 5 unbroken and the middle rounds with just one break. Much better than usual.

Not sure why, becuase my diet is crap and I have put on a solid 5. I admit it.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snatch and Isabel

I like the new programming. Work for a while on a strength lift, and then do a related metcon wod. Travel Monday, and then on Tues we did max snatch in 10 minutes and then Isabel. I scaled - alot. Snatch 115, then Isabel 95# in 4:45. I will do more next time. I think Isabel at 115 would have been a good challenge.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Deadlift and Diane

2 reps on the minute for 10 min. Last time I worked with Jeremy and struggled along at 305 the whole time, while he easily worked up to hoisting 335 at the end. Funny thing, today I started fairly light at 225#, and then added weight as I went. I stopped at 295, but I could have kept going. It felt pretty good, despite the photo evidence to the contrary that showed me setting up to far forward and not sitting back enough. Something to work on.

Diane was interesting. I was a little tired from the deadlift session, and we had just a brief break. My handstand pushups have been good lately, so I did not even warm those up. Talk about cocky. But it turned out to be the right call. My deadlift slowed me down and the hspu's were good. I partitioned once each round until the end, when my deadlift fell apart and I had to do singles.

Time 4:27 - 3 seconds off my best.

Once I get my conditioning back a little, and get a handle on my tight hamstrings, I can get this under 4. Definitely.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back Squat and a metcon

Back squat x 5. less than 48 hours after the CF MV barbell complex with back squats and thrusters, here I was again. I played it safe and did 225 x 5. I need to get that over 250 asap.

Metcon of 21/15/9 of 35# db thrusters and burpees. Not as bad as it sounds. The thurster weight was manageable. Lots of sweat flying off during the burpees. Koz is an animal. Never tires.

CF Mountain View with Chad & Sue

A quick west coast swing would not be complete without a drop-in to one of the hundreds of CF boxes in CA. They are everywhere. Multiple in every town.

Monday night I visited CF Mountain View - the 2nd that Jason Khalipa runs. I visited his original earlier this year. Both have good athletes and 1.5 hours of working out jam packed into an hour. The warmups are long, then both a strength and a metcon wod. The wod was both max snatch and a horrible barbell complex metcon similar to the bear, but much worse.

The best part was the CFOT lunch bunch reunion. Chad and Sue now call this box their home. We lined up are barbells 3 in a row and made it through. Being across the street from Google HQ makes for a strange mix of members, but it was a 20+ person class and a good one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Deadlift x3. FGB intervals

A rarity. A deadlift day and I was unable to get a PR. Back in April we did Deadlift x 3 and I was able to get 345. Today I did 225x3, 275x3, 315x3 and then could only get 350x1. It it was a tough 1. I just could not lift it. No speed today.

After a few minutes, I did 335x3 and they felt ok. Need to build my strength back up.

FGB prep. 1 minute at each station with a 1 minute break. A much more civilized way to do FGB.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Muscle ups and 400m runs

run 400m and then 10 muscle ups. Repeat. 30 minutes.

I was able to complete 4 rounds plus almost one more full run. Nothing spectacular. The muscle ups were mostly singles. I think I had 1 or 2 misses. But when I had 1:40 to finish 1 more 400 m run, I actually gave it my all and came up short. Considering this was in minute 30 of the wod, that was cool to have the energy to do. I am pretty sore now.

Final note - 40 muscle ups + a flu shot = one sore-ass shoulder muscle.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Failure is an option

10 minutes: Hang squat clean ladder complex
Perform 1 hang squat clean/drop, then 2/drop, then 3/drop, then 4/drop then 5/drop. repeat.

htfu weight was 155#. I started there, but pulled off 20# after the 4s reps. Too heavy. Especially heavy when catching the bar on the way down. A thumb bruiser for me.

I really struggled with this. But I also looked around the room. There were 16 people there and no one was using 155. Not sure why I assumed automatically that I had to go htfu. And clearly, it was the wrong choice. 135 felt better, but was still tough.

5 rounds of work

Row, jump rope, KBHP, pull up, and GHD. 1 minute stations for all 5 and then a minute of rest. 5 times through.

I was sore as hell from the 2 prior days and I was on the fence about going. But I showed up and just went through the motions in an attempt at a recovery wod. I do feel better. I did not really push it, and I barely kept track.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

30 hspu - 45 seconds

I could not get all 30 in a row. Had to come off the wall after 27. And it was harder than you might think to get the last 3. Getting to all 30 is going to be tough, but this is an improvement over the 22 I got 3 months ago. So with more hard work, 30 is possible.

A 20 minute metcon (with 60 wall ball and 75 push press) afterwards, and now my shoulders are completely done.

Best WOD Ever: 30 hspu for time

Looking forward to this. I have done this once before in 0:47. That is correct, 47 seconds. I cannot say each every one was perfect lockout or form, but I did not have to come down off the wall even once. Today, I am for perfect form and sub 1 minute.

Ready to hit

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Deadlifts 2x EMOM

EMOM / Every Minute On the Minute. I like EMOM wods. I like saying "EMOM wods."

But today the wod was two heavy deadlifts EMOM for 10 minutes, and I struggled. Suggested weight was 70-75% of your max - which for me would equate to a 270-285 range. But working out with someone stronger than you can make you struggle and try to lift a little heavier. Such as today with Jeremy Moss - we started at 305. I stayed there the whole time and had a hell of a time even doing that. My last rep was a disaster of bad form, and I would have stopped or lowered the weight if we were not done. In a way it was the perfect weight. Just a little too heavy, and I really had to struggle. I knew it that I would not survive all 20 lifts, but was pleased to almost make it. If I had gone lighter, it would have been too easy. I am still gunning for a 400# deadlift this year, and this session cannot hurt.

In contrast, Jeremy added weight up to 335 as we went and was able to touch and go all the reps. Ass......

Just kidding. Not only is Jeremy strong and a diligent worker, but I believe he is also the sole reader of my blog.

A little deadlifts hamstring work afterwards, which I was not nearly recovered enough to do as intended.

I revived for the met con. An up and down ladder to pullups and burpees. I was lucky that the clock hit the turnaround point as I was almost done with the round of 8 as opposed to starting the round of 9. Or maybe I was watching the clock and gamed it? Either way, I was able to work back down in time to watch the last 10 seconds tick off. I did not go back up, cause I suck.

Friday, September 02, 2011

First Friday - Badger

I am still broken down from Nate 2 days ago. I also had an extremely vigorous massage after that, which means I have flu-like muscle soreness all over.

I am going to attempt Badger for FF. I have done it before, but cannot remember my exact time. 32:XX?

This will be my first runs of any distance since early July.

Time: 31 minutes. I felt good on the squat cleans and ok on the pullups. Terrible on the run. Just no stamina.