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Friday, February 26, 2010

3 x 3 min row intervals

After the worst 2 day combination of missed flights, cancelled flights and diverted flights - I am home, but totally exhausted. 3 min row intervals were not something I had in me. The first, I did ok-almost 800m. But round 2 and 3 I was done. 700 a piece.

Blah. I could not muster the anger or energy that I usually try to harness into a good effort.

Next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Front Squat - Man down

Prior PR 220. Today I hit 135, 155, 185, 205 and then ouch FAIL. So yeah, I am pretty sure that I pulled my GROIN - yes my GROIN. Make your own jokes in the comments below. I had been feeling that it was sore, and when I went for that PR - and I really went for it - I felt pain. Not struggling to lift, good pain. Pulled muscle, bad pain.

SO I was done. But only with the squats. I shook it off and hit the rowing. It did not bother me. Rowing interval madness - I loved it. Thought I would hate it, but LOVED IT!

Had some intervals sub 1:40 and even saw the indicator display times in the 1:30s for a while. Best ever for me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Push press madness

4 rounds. Max rep push presses - 115#s. Stop when you drop the bar. Start again at 4, 7 and 10 minute mark.

25, 25, 15, 16 = 81

I wish I could have done more, and I am mad at myself. The pain that accumulates makes you eventually think about nothing other than dropping the bar. After the fact (easy to say now) I think that I could have rested the bar on my shoulders for 5, 10 or 15 seconds and squeezed out more reps.

I will try this again on my own one day. And I will get 100 reps, or die trying.

Good finisher. Another shoulder fryer. Lou Burpees (2 pushups) and then double under


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snatch & C2B pullups

15,12,9 - Squat snatch (95#) and C2B pullups. 15 minute time limit - which I used almost all of. Rx was 115#. Time 13:47

I was pretty sure after the round of 15 that I was going to pull a DNF. Luckily the rep scheme was 12 then 9 after that. I just kept doing one painful effort at a time and sooner or later I was done. The last 9 pullups were such a relief - knowing I was almost done and did not have to struggle on the barbell again.

The OH squat was the limiter for me, and there were very few reps that I did a snatch and rode down and back up. Mostly, I did a snatch, then did an OH squat. Honestly, I was feeling beaten up a little walking int he door. 5 WODs this week including the punishing day with my dogfight of a deadlift PR. Pretty sure that I have a minor pull or strain (yeah in my groin of you must know). Even light 1 finger pressure on that area hurts with sharp pain - no bueno! So something is not right.

I have iced, but I should be resting. I am too stubborn. Next week I may shut it down as I am on the road three days and pretty swamped the other two. I have not taken a full week away from Crossfit since the day I started. Bet I can't keep away.

Should out to Harold. An inspiration to watch him tackle this one. At the MAHC last fall he timed out on a similar WOD. Today, he kept up the intensity and overcame the pain to finish strong.

Another should out to Tom who added the 20 pounds that I went under Rx and did 135 like it was nothing. I love that beforehand he came up to me and gave a little joking challenge. Maybe Tom thought that I was going to be good at this. But unlike him, I still have serious areas to work on and I cannot go tow to toe with the best on such a wide range of WODs. Clean and Jerk - sure thing. Snatch, OH squat - or Squat snatch - no chance.

But I am still working it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Deadlift x 3


Jerry claimed that I made the worst turrets face during my last lift. Give it all you got baby!

340x2 then failed

Solid work. Wish I had 340 x 3, but then again, I have never hoisted that much even for 1, so book it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snatch & Row

While I am not great at either exercise, the relatively low rep count and fast cycle time is my friend. A 1000m row, I dislike, but for 350, I can push through. And with snatches, I did the pack weight of 105# and kept the rest to a minimum. I dont recall standing around gasping at all, although my time of 10:28 was slower than a lot of others. More importantly, my form felt OK, and left me wondering if I should have gone 120#. 135# was out of my league as that is my PR, so 30 reps in a metcon seems foolish. I should have tried a couple of reps though. I was good and warmed up.

I hit the GHD and sledge after work like an angry white man. Felt good.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Murph +20#

First Friday and snowtacular 2010. With this week being my 1 year CF anniversary, I wanted to do something a little extra special on First Friday. There are workouts harder than Murph with a 20# vest, but not too many as long. Last time I did this, it took me an hour and 7 minutes. Today, 59 minutes and change. And frankly, I could have gone a little faster if I was not consumed with the wardrobe changes between the runs and the indoor portion. It was cold out, so I suited up in long pants, sweatshirt, hat and gloves. Probably burned a minute each on that.

Otherwise, it felt good. On the last run, I felt really good as far as my lungs, but my speed was not great. After all those squats,

(see my awesome squat form->)

it is like running in pudding. With a hoodie over the weight vest, and me going so slow, I was feeling self conscious when another jogger passed me and
looked over at me. I am so vain. I would have loved to have torn off the vest and sprinted past him, but that is ridiculous. Maybe it is because when I started CF, the 20# was actual fat around my middle and I was a slow ass runner. Now I am slimmer, and only moderately slow. I do love that a sub 8 minute mile is considered slow in this group. For me 10 was the old pace btw.

Also, I ripped my hands pretty good, but that will happen when you do 100 pullups with 20#.

(I foolishly only added this little bit of tape on my right thumb near the end. Otherwise, I was tape free - which is plain stupid ------>)

It was good to see so many good showings at CFOT today. Stuart and Mike did Linda aka "Three Bars of Death" I want to give that a go some time. Katie did Josh and then proceeded to spoon with the bar. True puppy love. Matt did Cindy and is making some serious damn progress. Some of the new people, who frankly I do not even know (shame on me) were putting out some serious efforts too. Good stuff.

Later in the day I fell asleep on the couch for half and hour. Spontaneous nap is always a good sign.

Thanks Jerry, Melissa, Danya Danny and Keturah for all your help this year. Andrea and Chriss too. Not to mention I will miss them at the box. Lastly, all the other members of CFOT especially Chad, Soni and Katie, who I seem to talk CF with non stop, have been a big help in keeping me encouraged. informed and coming back for more. Thanks all.