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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snatch & C2B pullups

15,12,9 - Squat snatch (95#) and C2B pullups. 15 minute time limit - which I used almost all of. Rx was 115#. Time 13:47

I was pretty sure after the round of 15 that I was going to pull a DNF. Luckily the rep scheme was 12 then 9 after that. I just kept doing one painful effort at a time and sooner or later I was done. The last 9 pullups were such a relief - knowing I was almost done and did not have to struggle on the barbell again.

The OH squat was the limiter for me, and there were very few reps that I did a snatch and rode down and back up. Mostly, I did a snatch, then did an OH squat. Honestly, I was feeling beaten up a little walking int he door. 5 WODs this week including the punishing day with my dogfight of a deadlift PR. Pretty sure that I have a minor pull or strain (yeah in my groin of you must know). Even light 1 finger pressure on that area hurts with sharp pain - no bueno! So something is not right.

I have iced, but I should be resting. I am too stubborn. Next week I may shut it down as I am on the road three days and pretty swamped the other two. I have not taken a full week away from Crossfit since the day I started. Bet I can't keep away.

Should out to Harold. An inspiration to watch him tackle this one. At the MAHC last fall he timed out on a similar WOD. Today, he kept up the intensity and overcame the pain to finish strong.

Another should out to Tom who added the 20 pounds that I went under Rx and did 135 like it was nothing. I love that beforehand he came up to me and gave a little joking challenge. Maybe Tom thought that I was going to be good at this. But unlike him, I still have serious areas to work on and I cannot go tow to toe with the best on such a wide range of WODs. Clean and Jerk - sure thing. Snatch, OH squat - or Squat snatch - no chance.

But I am still working it.

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