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Friday, April 29, 2011

Class Contest

A fun WOD. A long WOD. 30 minutes to say goodbye to Tim R and Mike U.

30 Minute AMRAP: EVERYONE Must start with a 400m Run

1 POINT = 25 push ups or 25 box jumps or 25 KB highpull or 25 Overhead plate lunge or 15 pull ups or 15 dips or 15 Wallball or 15 Burpees or 5 handstand pushups or 5 muscle-ups or 400m run.

Final Score is total team points divided by the number of people in class.

I worked the hspu's hard doing 15 rounds of them. 7 pullup rounds and 7 more various. My shoulders are going to feel this one.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

WOD 11.6 - For real

I ran out of gas so fast.

WOD 11.6:
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes following rep scheme below:
3 Barbell Thrusters (65lb Women, 100lb Men) - the 6 then 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, etc

I made it through the round of 12. Got 15 thrusters and then could only get 5 more pullups in about 45 seconds. I was toast. I would do anything to have more capacity. Which I guess means a lot of very hard work.

Score = 80.

So ends the Crossfit Sectionals open season for me. I did poorly, ranking near the bottom 20% of all men. But then again, I am closer to the masters group than I am to the many 20 and 30 year olds in the open. On this last wod, I would have been in the top 50% of masters and that is not too bad.

I am now sore and tired and determined to do better.

Thurs metcon - day after 11.6

I did 3 rounds. I am sore and I got out of breath quickly.

400 Row, 30 Double-under, 20 KB Swing, 10 burpees. 3 rounds 16:44.

I was gassed. Did a lot of mobility work before and some after. I feel less sore than I did waking up.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday 4/25/11

Two short 7 minute burners:

7 Minute AMRAP: Calories Row and Burpees laddering up as high as you can in 7 min, (3,3, 6,6, 9,9, 12,12…) SCORE total Reps. We don’t have enough rowers for everyone at once so sub KB High Pulls (45W, 70M) for the Row or wait 7 min till a rower becomes available.

Did this one second - felt god awful.

“After Party” (Optional) 7 minute AMRAP Box jumps and pushups laddering up as high as you can in 7 min, (3,3, 6,6, 9,9, 12,12…)

Did this one first 183 reps. Felt great

Friday, April 22, 2011

11.6 preview

The CF Sectionals Open is winding down. It is time to turn our attention to the last WOD - 11.6. I gave this an early run. I wanted to see how it felt. I have a lot of thoughts. Reasons I can do better, and thoughts I can share.

Hopefully my little run through will help me later on and also help everyone else when they do this for real:

WOD 11.6:
7minutes - AMRAP - increasing ladder
3 Thrusters (100#)
3 Pullups (Chest to Bar)

Initial thoughts. My spring allergies and asthma is in full gear. I have not gotten back on my inhalers, etc. I hate taking medicine. But this brief spring period would be a good time. Because you will every bit of your lung capacity for this one, as I found out. Also - since this is so short. I should have warmed up more aggressively. My heart rate was low when I started, and the initial wave of exertion crushed me.

Last preparation tip. Stretch out more. My hips were tight and my squats felt slow. You want to be able to get some speed out of the bottom. I had little. Maybe that was residual soreness from doing 11.5 two days earlier.

OK - On to the WOD.

The first round was easy. Squat cleaned the first thrusters. Any time I dropped the bar later, I did that too. The weight is not heavy, so why waste time getting it to your shoulders.

6s were harder. I was already getting a little tired. I did not drop the bar, but rested briefly after 3 reps. Pulliups were 3 and 3. 1 minute passed during the pullups.

9s were harder still. I partitioned thrusters after 5. Pullups were in sets of 3. The C2B are very taxing and I was slowing down. The clock kept moving even when I did not. I wasted more time between pullups than thrusters.

12's - I hardy remember them. I dropped the bar after 6 thrusters. Melissa was watching me, and yelling, but I was slow to react. Have to be very aggressive. This wod goes quickly, so don't hold back. I did 3s on pullups. 5 minutes passed somewhere in this round.

15s. I did 6, 5, 4. Got through the thrusters. Did 2s on the pullups because I was toast. I got 7. Time expired. Total of 82 reps.

I was surprised at how quickly 7 minutes went by. I could have pushed harder. I did not collapse when I was done. Clearly I did not push hard enough. I need to get past the 15s and beyond. Cannot wait to do this for real.

Keep in mind that my Fran (which is 90 reps) is about 5. But the C2B pullups change the game and also there are more transitions here. I was not near the pullup bar. That will save time.I had 9 transitions between the bar and pullups. Even 2 seconds each adds up.

Best of luck to the whole CFOT team. I am really enjoying this experience, although I am very disappointed in my results. Next year I will be more ready. Clearly you cannot have gaps in your skills - I do. And you can not bank on your best exercise showing up - hspu - because they did not. 2012 is going to be better for me. Just you watch.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOD 11.5

20 minute armap

5 Power Clean (145#)
10 toes to bar
15 wall ball

6 full rounds then 10 more reps.

I did 3 in about 6 minutes and then 3.5 over the next 14. Guess how I felt in the second half of this. Yes - I felt out of breath and needed to stop. I started at first with partitions that I did not need. Like 3 sets of 5 wallballs. To try and save myself. Phase 2 was I needed those breaks. Phase 3 - was I had to break it up more and I also had to take some breathers.

I have so much work to do to build my capacity.

Next week is the last Sectionals Open WOD. They have already shared it. a ladder of thrusters and chest to bar pullups. And only 7 minutes I believe that I can survive that one better as compared today, and that my score will be better. It is going to suck, but less for me than everyone else.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday WOD The Harold

7 rounds - 7- Deadlifts, 9 C2B pullups and a 200m run.

Felt terribly winded.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WOD 11.4 then DT

I feared WOD 11.4 and for good reason. I have terrible shoulder flexibility and some time in the past month I have hurt or injured my right shoulder making things even worse.

WOD 11.4 - 10 minutes
60 burpees with a jump over the bar
30 ohs with 120#
10 muscle ups

I finished the burpees about 5 minutes in. I took a slow pace and was not winded. Then as soon as I god the bar up, I had trouble, I could do only 2 reps good reps and a few no reps before I had to call it a day. I could not get my right shoulder to support the bar. Terrible.

I rested 10 minutes and then joined the lunch class in DT. Not like I had done a ton of work, so why not.

First time through with 155 - 18:39. The deadlifts were a breeze at first and then I had to partition a little, But even when I was in round 3,4 and 5 - I went right back to the bar. Picking up 155 is a mental test, it is not heavy. The hang cleans I did one at a time - so I did a ton of extra deadlifts. The presses, I did 2 sets of 3 until the end when I just gutted out all 6.

I love that wod.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cleans / death by power clean

195# cleans. PR for hang power clean. Did not go up again.
10 rounds plus 7. Finished the 10 with 5 seconds left and could not get going fast enough. I feel like my cardio is really lacking at high intensity.

Lunch Bunch - All the men tapped out before any of the women.

Monday Chipper

15 Muscle-up, 30 Burpees, 30 GHD Situp, 15 Overhead Squat (75#), 30 Box jumps, 30 KB Swing, 15 Handstand pushup, 30 Pullups, 30 Wallball.


I had a few misses in the muscle ups. Sure enough, when I keep my elbows in tight I never miss. So I need to remember that. hspu were where I made time. I did 8,5,2 with a small pause. The ohs I went too light. So that sped me up as well.

5 of us on muscle ups to start. That was fun.

Saturday, April 09, 2011


24 hours after sectionals wod.3 I did Coe. Which is 10 rounds of 10 thrusters (95#) and 10 ring pushups (flash).
I had no business doing that. But lately I have been bothered by how Sectionals has messed up my normal training. It h felt good do the regular posted wod. Of course I struggled from fatigue. Time 21:44.

I look forward to doing this again under better circumstances.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Sectionals WOD_3

So this was my week. After 2 weeks of high rep, light weight, long duration workouts - here it is. 5 minutes of heavy (165#) squat clean thrusters.

Be careful what you wish for. I love heavy weights. But squat clean thrusters at 7 pounds over my body weight - they get tough real quick.

You could do this in a variety of ways. But in essence they were squat clean thrusters. You could power clean/front squat/jerk the weight. But it is all the same. I was able to get 14 which is 28 pts.

The first 5 or so were ok. And then very quickly I was hardly able to stand up from the bottom of the squat. My 1 rep max front squat is 225 and rep max clean, press and thruster are all 205. So I was handling 75%+ of my max and that is what happened here. My poor little legs gave out and I had to recover longer and longer between each rep. I think I did 4 in the last 2 minutes.

14 is not too bad, but once again - even things I am good at, I can be better.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Deadlift x3 then mini Michael

What a great day. I worked my way up to 3 reps touch and go with 345. That used to be my PR. I felt really good and my speed off the floor was good too. One issue is that when I touch and go deadlift for more than 1 rep, I don't return to a great starting position. The bar gets in front of me. But the small momentum energy that you get when returning the weight is certainly helpful. I tried 350 for 3 singles, and got 1. I think I was tired.

Then I did 3 rounds of 400m run, 25 abmat sit ups and 25 back extensions. My first run was a sprint and I tried to keep it up. I did not even look at the clock. A very enjoyable effort.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday 4/4

All is fair in love and war. And CrossFit.

I am really sore from completing the Sectionals Open wod on Sat morning. My hamstring and especially my lower back. Today we had 3 parts.

Tabata Row for calories.
Rest 2 minutes
OHS max reps in 3 minutes.
Rest 4 minutes
21/15/9 Wallball and pullups

I was able to get 6 cals each time. I usually row moderately hard on interval 1 and try to maintain that. I was able to today - but it was tough. I bet the 6th calorie clicked over with a millisecond to go a few times.

OHS - I had to use 95#. Sore back and not feeling it.

4:54 on the last wod. Wallballs are tough on my due to my height. But it was a good wod.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sectionals WOD_2

Week 1 was tough for me because the bulk of the workout was a test of double unders - which I failed at miserably. It is a skill that does not come naturally to me, and that I have not worked on enough. So while a top score was 10 rounds or more in 10 minutes - I got 4, and wanted to quit after 2. My low score reflected my abilities accurately.

Week 2 was more straightforward, although still not in my wheelhouse. 15 minutes of 9 light (155#) deadlifts, 12 hand-release pushups, and 15 of 24" box jumps. Being short and not so springy is not helping. And while box jumps wore me out, the hand-release pushups got hard faster than I expected.

I took a slow, steady, measured approach. I was able to maintain the same pace mostly thoughout - but when my pushups started to fail, my plan did too. So I ended with 7 and two thirds of a round. I had wanted >8. Maybe I started too slowly. Or maybe, that was my best effort. Hard to know for sure. I do know that I had moments of wanting to quit, and I pushed on. Never broke up the deadlifts.

My biggest issue was the judging - it was not consistent. Pushups are hard to judge. But a good rep is easy to spot. I got to be a judge for 3 rounds. I am confident that I upheld the standards both as a judge and competitor.

Here is me judging Hazen. He had good form throughout. Made it easy for me to judge.

Here is me judging Eric from PCF. He had perfect form, and you can see I was seriously checking.

The other heat I judged a woman who was a good athlete, but her pushups failed after a while. I called a few no reps when she did. But she was a tough and kept pushing. The judge in the next lane was caught in a picture letting this go. Dude - that is a no rep. Even worse, was that some top tier athletes got away with the same. They are going to get their asses handed to them at regionals if they try that.

Here is me giving it a go. First the deadlift and then me in the back doing pushups. From this shot, I am happy with my form. That is a good rep. And look at how carefully my judge Jeff Tincher was checking my pushups. He is the owner of CF Fairfax and a genuine badass. He is also very inspiring to me cause at 45 he is still kicking total ass. But he was all over me and never called a no rep. So while I can look back and question my conditioning and my effort, I am 100% sure my reps were good. Maybe I could have done more, but I could not have done better.

Hoping for handstand pushups and power cleans next week.