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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Deadlift x3 then mini Michael

What a great day. I worked my way up to 3 reps touch and go with 345. That used to be my PR. I felt really good and my speed off the floor was good too. One issue is that when I touch and go deadlift for more than 1 rep, I don't return to a great starting position. The bar gets in front of me. But the small momentum energy that you get when returning the weight is certainly helpful. I tried 350 for 3 singles, and got 1. I think I was tired.

Then I did 3 rounds of 400m run, 25 abmat sit ups and 25 back extensions. My first run was a sprint and I tried to keep it up. I did not even look at the clock. A very enjoyable effort.

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