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Monday, August 10, 2009

What can you really do in six months?

Today is August 1, 2009. I joined Crossfit OldTown Feb 2, 2009.

Here is me, or at least me last fall. 185lbs, which is my PR. Body fat was 22%. Cholesterol was 205 while taking Lipitor as well as Allegra, Advair and Albuterol. Notice the round stomach, love handles and face. 1, 2, 3, 4 chins and it looks like I am wearing a fanny pack. Also notice that I am sweating and winded while playing a mindless game with some neighborhood kids. I don’t really remember being round like this. My image of myself was of someone fit. I worked out a couple of times a week and did spinning classes, so of course I was fit.

My dad works out 4 times a week too. Notice something familiar. Was that my future?

With the new year, I was getting ready to turn 40 in May and I was freaking out. CFOT moved to Royal St. and I happened by. Signed up and did an intro class with my friend Bruce, and about six other people that day. Rachel and Josef were there too – that’s 3 regulars starting the same day. Anyway, before class when I told Jerry about my 40th birthday 4 months away, he looked me in the eye and said “Yeah, 4 months, we can do something in 4 months.” I did not believe him at all.

I took some early notes about those workouts and looking back they seem basic. But my notes from the first weeks includes phrases such as “felt sick, can’t walk, pain all over, had to walk on the 400, really sore, stairs suck” But I stuck with it and tried to make a schedule of 3 times a week.

After a few weeks, the intense pain subsided. There were still times when I thought I my heart would explode, like after my first (15:00) Fran. But I just kept at it. I was slowly but very consistently improving, getting stronger, and becoming super addicted. Convinced my fit co-worker Chad to join in, and then we started pushing ourselves to go 4-5 times a week.

What was your time….or what did you lift….Let the competition begin.
Chad and I have built a running competition. We are not at all evenly matched. He is a metcon speeder, and I am stronger. Yet it is oddly working. He is getting stronger, and I am getting faster.

So August 1 is six months since my first intro class. Compared to the other CFOT machines, I am not the fastest, nor the strongest. My technique is average, and I have a long list of things to improve upon. That is my current mindset, which is ironic, because I am now hands-down in the best shape of my life. Current weight 166lbs. Bodyfat 12% (maybe less now). Taking no prescriptions at all. Had to buy all new pants and belts. Cholesterol is 175 (without Lipitor). My doctor called me a “poster child for exercise” and my daughter called me “Popeye arms.”

I was just thinking about what the next 6 months could possibly bring. I know progress will not be as dramatic, but good things will keep happening. Just this week I set PRs in Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk and Deadlift. Guess things are starting to click.

So thank you CrossFit Oldtown. Thank you Jerry, Danny, Andrea, Chriss, Melissa, Danya and Keturah. Thank you to everyone of you that shows up and encourages me through their words and their actions.

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