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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pistol Up

An awesome wod that I really got after. I have to say that I kicked it into another gear.

11 rounds as follows:
muscle ups 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1
pistols 2,4,6,8,10,12,10,8,6,4,2
box jumps. 3,6,9,12,15,18,15,12,9,6,3

Time 25:20

Now I could pick my performance apart. I only flashed the first few rounds of muscle ups. My pistols were crap. I was slow on some of the box jumps.

But I will focus on the positive. I was nailing the muscle ups. 36 in total and only 4 misses. I strung the first 5 rounds all together. And then the 3 and 2 rounds on the way back. So that is 8 out of 11 rounds.

Now, I am tired, and getting ready to be sore.

In other news. My knee feels 99.5% better after a phone consult with Kelly Starrett. My fee. See the link below. Seriously. That is the deal we cut:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Run, Clean & Jerk

800m run/15 C&J (135#)
600m run/10 C&J (135#)
400m run/5 C&J (135#)
Time 16:47

Slowed greatly by the running. My foot hurt. The faster I tried to go and the harder I pushed off, the more it hurt. So no speed outside.

Worked through the C&J with few pauses.

First day back = brutal

Heaving snatch balance and a 10 minute metcon of OH plate lunges and d/u's. After a week of non crossfitting and non mobility - this sucked for me.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

An hour of KStarr at Google

Well worth it:

Vacation recap - Get outta here.

So I have been away for a week. Due to some particular hecticness at work this year, June 22-26 was the first vacation I have had this year. I took off the Friday before Presidents day off and the Friday of the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Regionals off. And I worked remotely both of those days. Seriously, that is it. Not to mention all of the late nights, weekends, etc. Work has been bad. But perhaps finally getting better.

So Stella is out of school and we like to get away after that. Last year we went to Yellowstone Park and this year Yosemte. See a pattern here? I like to go west and see some wide open spaces and hike a bit with the family. I don't love crowds. The other week in NYC we walked through Times Square. I almost had a panic attack.

But even at these parks you have to be careful. At both Yosemite (the main lodge) and Yellowstone (Old Faithful Lodge) there can be crowds. Busloads of people come in each day. Luckily - as it is the rest of America - these people are lazy. The hardly go anywhere that a car can't get to, if not a car and a 5 minute or less walk. So we were in luck.

I did zero crossfit workouts while away. The Paleo challenge wod was my last one. That makes 7 full days without a wod. Longest break I have taken in 2+ years. Time will tell if that was helpful for all the minor aches and pains. I bet so.

Mentally, it was great. Initially I had a hard time unplugging, but eventually did. I have not checked my work email since Wed night. Those 4 days might be the longest break in a year. It feels good.

And food? Not so good. I mostly observed my normal diet - which is pretty good. But towards the end of the week, I succumbed to some treats. A few beers, a few desserts, french toast. The last was at San Francisco Airport. They must have the best airport food in the world. No crappy airport food at all. Best french toast I have ever had.

So what did I do? Well - we hiked a little. We rode horses, we spent a day with a Park Ranger. Hung out with the family. A high note: the Mist Trail was one of the coolest hikes I have ever taken. About a 4.5 hour loop up and down a very steep rocky grade along a waterfall. Parts were so steep, that you were almost hands and knees. And all the while, a torrent of icy water spray from the Vernal Falls absolutely soaked you. But you are rewarded with great views. And soon, and huge slab of granite perfect for soaking up the sun, drying off, resting and eating. Below is an example of the climb. It was awesome.

We also toured San Francisco before flying home. Took the touristy bus ride. It was good. I could seriously live there, and lately have thought about it.

But for now, back to reality. Time to fix up the diet and get back to work. And CrossFit.

The Mist Trail up to Vernal Falls. Keep climbing, and climbing. There are > 1,000 steps on this leg of the trail.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paleo Challenge - test wod

Most people did Kelly, but since I will be on crutches, I made up something that I can repeat on July 31.

3 rounds:
10 ring dips
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 ab mat

16:03 and I was struggling. That was tougher than I expected, and I had serious muscle fatigue. Round 1 was unbroken, but by the end I was doing 3 pushups and having to rest. Wow.

Fri - Sq Cleans x 2 and Elizabeth

It was a day to disregard the weight and the clock and work on form. Sq Cleans are a great exercise - if you do them correctly. And I have a tendency to both pull early with my arms and also to not get under fast enough. So I had a lot to work on.

I started at a very light 95 and added 20 each round. The time limit was 12:00, so not a ton of time. After 175 I opted to add only 10 more and did 185 for 2. My form was good and I have confidence for the next time to get 200 or more. I made sure to keep my arms locked straight all the way through the explosive jump, and then get down fast. It seemed to go all right.

Then Elizabeth, which is 21/15/9 of 135# sq cleans and ring dips. I did all singles, but did not need much rest. Powered through in just over 10 for my first time. I like this wod.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thurs Metcon

3, 4, or 5 Rounds:

20 GHD Situps
20 KB Swing
20 Pullups
20 Sledge Strike
20 Double-under

I ended up being stupid and not taping up before the wod. The combination above tore my hands quickly and I had to tape up in round 3 and I quit after 4.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thrusters and running

3 rounds - 800m run. then 21 thrusters at 95#.

I sucked at this. My toe hurt and I could not run. Very depressing. I was last back from the first run and then was out of gas for the thrusters. Not pretty.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Deadlifts x 1 - 380#

The slow, steady creep towards a 400# deadlift continues.

I started 135x5, 225 x3 and then singles of 295,345,380, 400(f). This was the first time I ever loaded 400# on the bar and tried to lift it. And it when NOWHERE!. Granted, I had just lifted a PR of 380 and it was a bit of a struggle. The lift of 345 was a piece of cake - which surprised me.

I don't think that I will get 400# before my foot surgery in a month. But I will get it. And by the end of 2011 seems like a realistic goal. I will be out until Sept and then working my way back.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Front Squat x3 and metcon

Got 215 - although one rep was high. Attempted 225# and got 2. I am close.

Quick metcon. It is really hot.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hot Helen

Temp almost 100 muggy degrees. Foot - sore.

Perfect time for Helen.
Time 12:07. Not great, but for me not bad given how slowly I am running these days. I was pretty good on the inside part. Only having to partition the last round. The runs were very, very slow. I should be closer to 11 minutes.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Split Jerk, then metcon

Worked on the split jerk and of all things, my wrist was very sore. I worked to 175 and then called it a day. It was not heavy.

Metcon - I gave Regional WOD 1 a try. 1000m run, 30 hspu, 1000 row. Time 8:59. The run was ok being fully rested to start, the 30 hspu were not hard for me. I lost my balance once and had to kick back up after 18. Then I did the row. I had a 1:50 pace early on, but it slipped to 2 and then 2 and a little. Very painful and easy to give in. My back was on fire from the pulls. It is a good time and one of the only Regional Wods I would have done decently at.

Back Squat x3

Worked up to 235x3.

More worked up about AJ Moore and his saga:

Saturday, June 04, 2011


What a show by the athletes, and yet a bit of a debacle with regards to judging. Is this CrossFit or Wrestlemania. Team CFOT did amazing and I am proud of the way they represented. On the one hand the team was the victem of suspect judging - twice - but as a spectator I can also admit that their were some teams that were better. Only the top three teams go to the Games and Team RAW is legit. Sadly, so is CrossFit BWI - who is a bad judging event from going as well. I feel for them.

But the story of the weekend so far is Men's competitor AJ Moore, who with 59 no reps on KB swings - went from 1st to 5th. I have never seen him before, but he is built like a tank and I am sure that he can handle a 53# KB. Guess the judge thought otherwise. No offense to Spencer Hendel, but if you make the Games over AJ, you should bow out - cause I have seen AJ out perform you 4 workouts in a row - no matter what the judges say about his KB swings.

Jason Hoggan won the brutal deadlift / box jump wod. He is a bad ass, but it is little consolation as he entered the day in the bottom third of the standings. He made up huge ground on day 2 because he is legit and determined. But the hspu wod on Day 1 (24th place out of 31) killed him. He has a range of motion issue that was evident in the Sectionals Open. His over head lock out is not really what most peoples look like. Not sure if his arms don't extend fully, if his triceps are so developed that you can't tell, or what, but they called a ton of no reps on him on the hspu. Ironically, he is one of the fittest dudes around and the thing that did him in is the one and only thing I am really any good at. I bet he makes it to The Games next year.

The women's side seems to be controversy free. And there is an epic Sunday battle brewing. Games vet Christy Phillips struggled (imagine if you were 9th fittest person in the region and everyone says you are "struggling") on Day 1, she gained on Day 2, but is still outside of the top three with 2 events to go. Becky C is the most impressive and consistent athlete at the Mid Atlantic Regionals and has a lock on 1st place. Gretchen K is a solid 2nd place, and if it were not for Becky - would be dominating. So can Christy make up ground? She will have to earn it with top finishes in both final events. And Coutney Modecki is in 14th place. I mention that only because I can't stop looking at her.

Thats a rap.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Front Squat x2, then tabata that

After all this time I was able to work up to 225x2. And it felt good. I bet I could add a little more still.

225# has never felt so comfortable on my shoulders. Usually, I mentally give up as soon as I get it off the rack. But I was aggressive and it felt solid. Helped to lift with Lee, who is a bigger stronger guy than I am. Looked easy for him, so I just did what he did.

Tabata - I tried to pick a # and stay with it. I was not born yesterday, and I do not need to do 25 pushups in round 1 anymore.
Push ups -11
ab mat -11
squat -10
pullup- 8 then 6 for the last 2.

Total - 320 or so. Not really sure.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Push Press x3, then metcon

Worked with Joe_Hart and Steve - Got up to 190. I can do more.

Met con of 9,12,15 Ring Dips, box jump and wall ball. 10:50. I need work.