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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fri - Sq Cleans x 2 and Elizabeth

It was a day to disregard the weight and the clock and work on form. Sq Cleans are a great exercise - if you do them correctly. And I have a tendency to both pull early with my arms and also to not get under fast enough. So I had a lot to work on.

I started at a very light 95 and added 20 each round. The time limit was 12:00, so not a ton of time. After 175 I opted to add only 10 more and did 185 for 2. My form was good and I have confidence for the next time to get 200 or more. I made sure to keep my arms locked straight all the way through the explosive jump, and then get down fast. It seemed to go all right.

Then Elizabeth, which is 21/15/9 of 135# sq cleans and ring dips. I did all singles, but did not need much rest. Powered through in just over 10 for my first time. I like this wod.

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