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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Split Jerk, then metcon

Worked on the split jerk and of all things, my wrist was very sore. I worked to 175 and then called it a day. It was not heavy.

Metcon - I gave Regional WOD 1 a try. 1000m run, 30 hspu, 1000 row. Time 8:59. The run was ok being fully rested to start, the 30 hspu were not hard for me. I lost my balance once and had to kick back up after 18. Then I did the row. I had a 1:50 pace early on, but it slipped to 2 and then 2 and a little. Very painful and easy to give in. My back was on fire from the pulls. It is a good time and one of the only Regional Wods I would have done decently at.

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