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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Front Squat x2, then tabata that

After all this time I was able to work up to 225x2. And it felt good. I bet I could add a little more still.

225# has never felt so comfortable on my shoulders. Usually, I mentally give up as soon as I get it off the rack. But I was aggressive and it felt solid. Helped to lift with Lee, who is a bigger stronger guy than I am. Looked easy for him, so I just did what he did.

Tabata - I tried to pick a # and stay with it. I was not born yesterday, and I do not need to do 25 pushups in round 1 anymore.
Push ups -11
ab mat -11
squat -10
pullup- 8 then 6 for the last 2.

Total - 320 or so. Not really sure.

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