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Saturday, June 04, 2011


What a show by the athletes, and yet a bit of a debacle with regards to judging. Is this CrossFit or Wrestlemania. Team CFOT did amazing and I am proud of the way they represented. On the one hand the team was the victem of suspect judging - twice - but as a spectator I can also admit that their were some teams that were better. Only the top three teams go to the Games and Team RAW is legit. Sadly, so is CrossFit BWI - who is a bad judging event from going as well. I feel for them.

But the story of the weekend so far is Men's competitor AJ Moore, who with 59 no reps on KB swings - went from 1st to 5th. I have never seen him before, but he is built like a tank and I am sure that he can handle a 53# KB. Guess the judge thought otherwise. No offense to Spencer Hendel, but if you make the Games over AJ, you should bow out - cause I have seen AJ out perform you 4 workouts in a row - no matter what the judges say about his KB swings.

Jason Hoggan won the brutal deadlift / box jump wod. He is a bad ass, but it is little consolation as he entered the day in the bottom third of the standings. He made up huge ground on day 2 because he is legit and determined. But the hspu wod on Day 1 (24th place out of 31) killed him. He has a range of motion issue that was evident in the Sectionals Open. His over head lock out is not really what most peoples look like. Not sure if his arms don't extend fully, if his triceps are so developed that you can't tell, or what, but they called a ton of no reps on him on the hspu. Ironically, he is one of the fittest dudes around and the thing that did him in is the one and only thing I am really any good at. I bet he makes it to The Games next year.

The women's side seems to be controversy free. And there is an epic Sunday battle brewing. Games vet Christy Phillips struggled (imagine if you were 9th fittest person in the region and everyone says you are "struggling") on Day 1, she gained on Day 2, but is still outside of the top three with 2 events to go. Becky C is the most impressive and consistent athlete at the Mid Atlantic Regionals and has a lock on 1st place. Gretchen K is a solid 2nd place, and if it were not for Becky - would be dominating. So can Christy make up ground? She will have to earn it with top finishes in both final events. And Coutney Modecki is in 14th place. I mention that only because I can't stop looking at her.

Thats a rap.

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