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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation recap - Get outta here.

So I have been away for a week. Due to some particular hecticness at work this year, June 22-26 was the first vacation I have had this year. I took off the Friday before Presidents day off and the Friday of the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Regionals off. And I worked remotely both of those days. Seriously, that is it. Not to mention all of the late nights, weekends, etc. Work has been bad. But perhaps finally getting better.

So Stella is out of school and we like to get away after that. Last year we went to Yellowstone Park and this year Yosemte. See a pattern here? I like to go west and see some wide open spaces and hike a bit with the family. I don't love crowds. The other week in NYC we walked through Times Square. I almost had a panic attack.

But even at these parks you have to be careful. At both Yosemite (the main lodge) and Yellowstone (Old Faithful Lodge) there can be crowds. Busloads of people come in each day. Luckily - as it is the rest of America - these people are lazy. The hardly go anywhere that a car can't get to, if not a car and a 5 minute or less walk. So we were in luck.

I did zero crossfit workouts while away. The Paleo challenge wod was my last one. That makes 7 full days without a wod. Longest break I have taken in 2+ years. Time will tell if that was helpful for all the minor aches and pains. I bet so.

Mentally, it was great. Initially I had a hard time unplugging, but eventually did. I have not checked my work email since Wed night. Those 4 days might be the longest break in a year. It feels good.

And food? Not so good. I mostly observed my normal diet - which is pretty good. But towards the end of the week, I succumbed to some treats. A few beers, a few desserts, french toast. The last was at San Francisco Airport. They must have the best airport food in the world. No crappy airport food at all. Best french toast I have ever had.

So what did I do? Well - we hiked a little. We rode horses, we spent a day with a Park Ranger. Hung out with the family. A high note: the Mist Trail was one of the coolest hikes I have ever taken. About a 4.5 hour loop up and down a very steep rocky grade along a waterfall. Parts were so steep, that you were almost hands and knees. And all the while, a torrent of icy water spray from the Vernal Falls absolutely soaked you. But you are rewarded with great views. And soon, and huge slab of granite perfect for soaking up the sun, drying off, resting and eating. Below is an example of the climb. It was awesome.

We also toured San Francisco before flying home. Took the touristy bus ride. It was good. I could seriously live there, and lately have thought about it.

But for now, back to reality. Time to fix up the diet and get back to work. And CrossFit.

The Mist Trail up to Vernal Falls. Keep climbing, and climbing. There are > 1,000 steps on this leg of the trail.

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