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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sectionals WOD_2

Week 1 was tough for me because the bulk of the workout was a test of double unders - which I failed at miserably. It is a skill that does not come naturally to me, and that I have not worked on enough. So while a top score was 10 rounds or more in 10 minutes - I got 4, and wanted to quit after 2. My low score reflected my abilities accurately.

Week 2 was more straightforward, although still not in my wheelhouse. 15 minutes of 9 light (155#) deadlifts, 12 hand-release pushups, and 15 of 24" box jumps. Being short and not so springy is not helping. And while box jumps wore me out, the hand-release pushups got hard faster than I expected.

I took a slow, steady, measured approach. I was able to maintain the same pace mostly thoughout - but when my pushups started to fail, my plan did too. So I ended with 7 and two thirds of a round. I had wanted >8. Maybe I started too slowly. Or maybe, that was my best effort. Hard to know for sure. I do know that I had moments of wanting to quit, and I pushed on. Never broke up the deadlifts.

My biggest issue was the judging - it was not consistent. Pushups are hard to judge. But a good rep is easy to spot. I got to be a judge for 3 rounds. I am confident that I upheld the standards both as a judge and competitor.

Here is me judging Hazen. He had good form throughout. Made it easy for me to judge.

Here is me judging Eric from PCF. He had perfect form, and you can see I was seriously checking.

The other heat I judged a woman who was a good athlete, but her pushups failed after a while. I called a few no reps when she did. But she was a tough and kept pushing. The judge in the next lane was caught in a picture letting this go. Dude - that is a no rep. Even worse, was that some top tier athletes got away with the same. They are going to get their asses handed to them at regionals if they try that.

Here is me giving it a go. First the deadlift and then me in the back doing pushups. From this shot, I am happy with my form. That is a good rep. And look at how carefully my judge Jeff Tincher was checking my pushups. He is the owner of CF Fairfax and a genuine badass. He is also very inspiring to me cause at 45 he is still kicking total ass. But he was all over me and never called a no rep. So while I can look back and question my conditioning and my effort, I am 100% sure my reps were good. Maybe I could have done more, but I could not have done better.

Hoping for handstand pushups and power cleans next week.

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