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Monday, February 15, 2010

Snatch & Row

While I am not great at either exercise, the relatively low rep count and fast cycle time is my friend. A 1000m row, I dislike, but for 350, I can push through. And with snatches, I did the pack weight of 105# and kept the rest to a minimum. I dont recall standing around gasping at all, although my time of 10:28 was slower than a lot of others. More importantly, my form felt OK, and left me wondering if I should have gone 120#. 135# was out of my league as that is my PR, so 30 reps in a metcon seems foolish. I should have tried a couple of reps though. I was good and warmed up.

I hit the GHD and sledge after work like an angry white man. Felt good.

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