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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Deadlifts 2x EMOM

EMOM / Every Minute On the Minute. I like EMOM wods. I like saying "EMOM wods."

But today the wod was two heavy deadlifts EMOM for 10 minutes, and I struggled. Suggested weight was 70-75% of your max - which for me would equate to a 270-285 range. But working out with someone stronger than you can make you struggle and try to lift a little heavier. Such as today with Jeremy Moss - we started at 305. I stayed there the whole time and had a hell of a time even doing that. My last rep was a disaster of bad form, and I would have stopped or lowered the weight if we were not done. In a way it was the perfect weight. Just a little too heavy, and I really had to struggle. I knew it that I would not survive all 20 lifts, but was pleased to almost make it. If I had gone lighter, it would have been too easy. I am still gunning for a 400# deadlift this year, and this session cannot hurt.

In contrast, Jeremy added weight up to 335 as we went and was able to touch and go all the reps. Ass......

Just kidding. Not only is Jeremy strong and a diligent worker, but I believe he is also the sole reader of my blog.

A little deadlifts hamstring work afterwards, which I was not nearly recovered enough to do as intended.

I revived for the met con. An up and down ladder to pullups and burpees. I was lucky that the clock hit the turnaround point as I was almost done with the round of 8 as opposed to starting the round of 9. Or maybe I was watching the clock and gamed it? Either way, I was able to work back down in time to watch the last 10 seconds tick off. I did not go back up, cause I suck.


  1. there's more than one of us lurking in your blog...

  2. Hazen - Another reader who can deadlift more than I can!