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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tabata that, and push jerk

Row 6
Burpee 7
High Pull 8
Box Jump 6
Total 27

I did not really attack this workout. I could have gone balls out and scored 1 more point in each of the 4 exercises - or 248 reps instead of 216 reps. Not sure why I held back. In past Tabatas I have started fast and faded. This time, I started at a slow pace and planned to keep the same # of reps for all 8 rounds. Surprisingly, this was easier than I expected. I had almost 5 seconds left on most rounds.

Maybe I am getting fitter, and can keep up a higher level of effort than before. Next tabata I will challenge myself more.

Jerk -190. I did push jerk to baby my sore knee a little. Maybe it was more of a push press at the end. Melissa was keeping me honest and reminding me to get under the bar.

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