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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Front Squat & Diet news

20 minutes for a 1 rep max. My knee is funky. Did 205 and called it a day.

Met Con:
12 minutes. 7 rounds: 10x Pullup, box pistols, Ring rows.

Feeling achy. My diet has been poor lately, and while I have put on no weight - I am not feeling it. Back to super strict Paleo. This is probably the worst food stretch I have had. Candy, cookies, pasta, pizza, a bagel! Unlike me. Actually, very much like me in 2008 and prior. But if in fact it is these 3 days of poor eating that made me achy and lethargic, I am shocked. I will report back on Friday after some clean (normal) days.

Bigger shock is that I am still 162. I keep expecting to top 165 with all this poor eating.


  1. Ack! A bagel!?!? It's ok Marky D--just get back on track and you'll feel great again!

  2. Erin, I just saw your note. As of 12/15 I am back on track and feeling better. 2 PRs in last 3 days. Crazy how that works.