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Friday, December 03, 2010

First Friday (post)

30 muscle ups - 9:01
500m row - 140.8

Ever since getting my first muscle up at the end of August, I have wanted to do this. My goal is 6 minutes. Which I pulled out of thin air with no context. Today, this week, was not the day to get that time. First, I was pretty sick and I am still on antibiotics. Second, and foolishly, I have taken no rest days from cf this week. Not a good combination. And over the last two days we have done max strict press, 50 dips, push ups and 50 more presses along with 44 strict chin ups. My arms have not recovered.

When I usually could do 3 or 4 muscle ups, I could only get 2 or 3. And after getting 15 ( half way) in 2 minutes, the last 15 took 7 more. Almost a minute on the last one. I want a rematch. But I need to recoup - a lot.

Row. My best ever. Feeling better on the rower, but it still sucked.

Lastly , some double unders.

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