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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FGB Prep - Tabata Stlye

Tabata workouts are kind of amazing. You alternate between going all out and resting, and somehow that brief rest really does allow you to step on the gas again. Although we did all 5 FGB exercises covering 40 total Tabata efforts - 5 minutes later I felt fine. Still sweating, a little tired, but mostly fine.

And here is a little math. Last week we did a FGB prep that had 1,000 seconds of total work. My score was 308. Today we had 800 seconds of work, and my score was 261. the 261 is a 5% improvement (pro-rata) over the first session.

Since the real FGB is 900 seconds of work, I am going to make a prediction. 90% of the 308 is 277. Adding in 5% (improvement) plus another 5% (extra credit for going balls out for the real thing) I am predicting a score of 304. Jerry says the gold standard is 300 - so that means I have very little room to slip up.

I am feeling good these days. Box jumps have never felt so effortless. I can actually feel my fitness starting to improve.

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