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Friday, September 11, 2009

Barbara- Crossfit NYC Black Box


5 rounds: 30 pull up, 30 push up, 40 ab mat, 50 air squat - rest 3 minutes after each and repeat.

After a work meeting, I hit the Black Box on 26th st. I like the coaches there who are a good mix of encouraging and real pricks. Hari coached us through Barbara and explained it to death. Are New Yorkers mathematically impaired? Start the clock and go already.

He liked my frog kick chin ups, but did not like my pushups. Noted.

Time - 35.20 - 12.00 = 23.20.
Shoulder - OK. The legendary Jacinto showed me the most awesomest warmup/stretch ever. I will share on request. To tired to write it now.

More random thoughts:
Out of chalk - that sucked
Class was a mix of firebreathers and hotties -I love NY.


  1. called out on pushups?
    oh we gotta kick your ass for this.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I'm kidding of course. Sorry that this happened.
    I need more info.
    Did he constantly correct you in the WOD?
    If he was on you like flies on shit during the WOD and you did not make the adjustment then good on him!
    If he did not make the call during the WOD to correct you but punished after then a piss poor decision by him, and a few other choice adjectives...
    Was your name going on the all-time record board, (i'm sure not since you are a guest).
    I have heard awesome things about Jacinto and I would love to learn the stretch he showed you.

  3. Jerry - I will show you the Jacinto shoulder stretch. I like it, and will be testing it diligently. It is a variation and improvement upon what my chiro has me do.

    As for the pushups, between my shoulder pain and the fact that I used to have a rounder stomach, I agree that I was not doing them the way they wanted. They said the standard is when you are at the bottom, you should be able to pull your hands away. I will make sure to to get one of you to check me out, and I will just make sure to do them that way from now on.

    They don't have an all-time board, they simply would not put my time on the daily WB. Seeing as they only called me out one time during the workout, I thought it was lame. But I put in a good hard effort and got the workout I wanted. Showed some of the NYers what a sustained effort looks like - as every round I did was within 10 seconds of the last.

    The Black Box coaches are good, but some of them are prima donnas, and a little less encouraging. Hey its NY. I should have known what was coming when before the WOD they had zero warm up, and 10 minutes of explaining how to record the time of the workout.

    On the other hand, Jacinto is soft spoken, supremely knowledgeable and helpful. Next time I am in town, I will go when he is teaching.

    They did love the frog kick pull ups, by the way. I was killing those. 20 in a row in round 1! I am so happy about that. See you Monday.

  4. Mark Said:

    "I agree that I was not doing them the way they wanted."

    Enough said brother.
    Time to accept the consequence.

    Also we need to be careful about publicly outing other affiliates and coaches by name on a public forum. A lot of negative impact and nothing positive.

  5. Mark,

    Sorry it wasn't clear, but actually that was our new Leaders' board in the front corner of the gym. Only three names are there for "Barbara" and next to each name, a coach puts his or her name in order to vouch for the athlete's form. (Would you have wanted me to vouch for yours?)

    Only one person made it on to the Leaders' Board that night.

    Our regular white board is at the back of the gym.

  6. Hari -

    This small thing has turned into more than I hoped, or wanted. I apologize. A minor misunderstanding and a moment in time of me being surprised was captured on my blog. Sure, I walked out a little angry that day, but I also took the pushup correction to heart, so no big deal at all.

    I was really happy with the work I got in that day. Doing a WOD in NYC on 9-11 was an true honor. And I am always - always open to any critique or comments. As a matter of fact, we did pushups today, and believe me, I did them perfectly. So thank you.

    My blog is ridiculous ranting that I do because I am bored at work. I hope that I did not offend you, or anyone else. Even if every single coaches personal style is not my cup of tea, I can learn a ton from them.

    I am doing Crossfit to better myself. Making the leaderboard or whiteboard or any other board is not my goal. Being healthy when my daughter grows up is my goal. So when I am next in NY, I hope to visit the Black Box, get some work in and learn some more.