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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fight Gone Bad - A look back

Looking back, I was not really happy with the 222 score that I posted in FGB. Of course, I had
never done it before and really had no basis for comparison. All I know is that a) I gave it all that I had and b) I had nothing left after round 1. You can see in the chart below of my results that O fell of really dramatically after round 1. I was in a fog.

The other thing I realize after the fact that all 5 exercises are really a variation of the same leg driving movement. So in addition to needing to improve my stamina, I need to improve my leg strength.

I was really looking forward to FGB and thought that it would validate the hard work that I have put in to date, but instead it is a reminder of how much work I have ahead. I did not get 300 this year, and I may not get 300 next year. I hope to minimize the drop off I had each round.

I also created a little data table of the CFOT scores. I am sure Harold can and will improve on this analysis. But a simple look shows that the avg CFOT score was 255 and it was pretty evenly distributed from 155-365. I would love to be able to slice this by years of CF experience, because I bet that is a large factor. I plan to find out for myself next year.


  1. Mark:

    You did a good job on this WOD. The first time I did FGB I scored 235. It has taken over a year to get above 300. You'll get it, no question.

    What is the standard deviation of the FGB scores? Can you compute the sample standard deviation?

  2. Harold - I thought I put and answer for you, but maybe not. The STDEV was 40. So 1 STDEV of the scores was 215-295. That did cover a a lot of us. Nice work again. It was impressive to see you go through.