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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3,2,1 .. Gone - My fastest 3 round metcon ever

400m Run
20 Push Presses (75-lbs.)
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (70-lbs.)
10 Pullups

Time: 11:35

As soon as I saw this WOD, I knew I was going to get after it hard.
-3 rounds - so it was short.
-400m runs. I paced myself because with my asthma putting on the afterburners will basically ruin me for the rest. But with 400m I could stay close.
-only 10 pullups per round - which I can do
- the highest reps was 20 push press @ 75 lbs - which for me is a dream
- KB HP with 70lbs I did not like, but I could do 5 at a time and get through 3 mini rounds each time

So I went for it and got 11:35. First round was 3:25, on the run I tried to keep pace, and blew through the other parts - did all 20 presses in a burst of 15/5 without putting the bar down. Middle round was the hardest and took 4 minutes. I was running alone, and had no pace. Last round I went for it and kept at about 4 minutes. Had to drop the bar on rep 18. I was so pissed (and tired) I nearly heaved on the bar. Has that ever happened?I did not want to be the first.

But I didn't - so a good day.


  1. I could see this day coming for a long time now and it's finally arrived!

    Congrats Mark - way to push through it and finish strong!

  2. This WOD could not have stacked up better for me. I am sure it will never come around again, so I have to enjoy the moment.

    How Steck got 9:20, I will never know. He must run like a cheetah and not get at all tired.

    If I run too fast, I literally ruin myself. Guess that will improve slowly over time?