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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Not a happy day. Dr Bills gave me orders to shut it down for a week. I maybe/possibly/could have something wrong inside my shoulder and it maybe/possibly/could be getting worse. Possible minor SLAP tear in my rotator cuff. It has likely been that way for years, and has been aggravated by my aggressive regimen.

More news next Wed. after seeing an ortho surgeon.


  1. Is SLAP an acronym for something?

  2. A very common labral injury is a tear that occurs on the top of the labrum, extending from the front to the back of the cartilage. This is known as a SLAP tear ("SLAP" is an acronym for superior labral anterior to posterior tear). This injury affects the attachment of the biceps tendon to the glenoid. An injury in this area can be extremely painful, and can cause the biceps tendon to rupture.

  3. Above from:

    My chiro thinks I should be able to man up and work through this. But I am getting a surgeon to look at the MRI as well.