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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Predicting a PR

Now that is cocky. Or is it confidence. Or both?

Anyway, today is max weight Push Press. My current PR is an even 200.

Follow up...........

Funny think about predicting a PR. You actually have to show up, and do it. When I hit 200 a month ago, I recall that it was a quick lift and that the lockout was momentary. Today, I tried to lock out and hold it to be sure each lift counted and was solid.

Ramping up, I got 160 x 3. That was pretty good. Then I hit 170, 185 and right to 201. Felt heavy, but got it and held it. Next I tried 211, and it was too big of a jump. I should have tried 205. But time was getting away from me, and I wanted to get 9 minutes of FGB metcon prep.

As it is, I barely made it to work by 10:45! My days at the 9:15 class are numbered.

A good day.

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