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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

risky business

So I was pretty sure that I my rotator cuff was somewhere between sore, strained and torn. Went to my chiro, and he suggested strained, based on what range of motion I had vs. the pain I was in. I have been icing, and he suggested a few more treatments and no direct work in that area.

So of course I tried to do heavy power cleans today. Suprisingly the first round I was able to get 185. I had a few misses. But mostly, I was sore from yesterdays brutal front squat session working with Jack B. So I had no jump. So I did the rest at 165.

Double unders actually hurt my shoulder more than the cleans, so I subbed box jumps. 15 box jumps for 30 double unders. I know coaches have said sub 1 for 1, but a box jump is at least twice as much explosive work as a double under. I made sure to land both feet all the way on the box and stand up on top. I actually learned something from watching the CF kids class. My daughter uses the same box jump as us - she's 7 - but she is able to do it because she pulls her knees to her chest and lands in almost a full squat. Doing that and then standing up as you jump down, seems easier that jumping and landing upright on the box. And faster too.

Thanks kids.

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