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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rest - and Robb Wolf Book signing

After the back squats and prowler work, I was toast. Very sore. Although todays mobility wod seems to help. Never mind the strange idea of me rolling around on a lacrosse ball under my butt. As K_Starr suggested, there was one particular spot that was sore as can be, and clearly I need to fix that. I forsee more obscene rolling in the office.

Robb Wolf is in the hood signing his new book at Potomac Crossfit tonight. He is one smart dude and I agree with almost everything he says about nutrition. Some of it I cannot understand one bit, but I am sure he is right.

My weight is still 162 or so. I am locked in tight between 160-163. As in, it has been months since I was more than a pound variance. And that was when I hit 159. I took some rest, ate some carbs and I was back on track.

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