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Friday, September 24, 2010

FGB_5 - a preview

Wouldn't you know that after being mostly injury free for all of 2010, I tweaked my knee right before FGB5.

Last year I was laser focused on FGB4 and thought I would get a 300+ score. I was smoking crack. My stamina was lacking and I scored 222. Not even close. I think I had a score of 90, 70, 60 in the three rounds. Also known as - I did a lot of standing around catching my breath in round 3.

I feel like a whole year later that my stamina has improved, but has it improved by 30+% to get me to 300? I don't know - and tomorrow may not give me the answer. Because my knee is sore and swollen. - it hurts to squat. So doing FGB at all seems like a bad idea, and having expectations of a great output seem foolish.

But more importantly - I raised $845 from friends and family and donated a matching $845 to total $1,690 towards the cause. CFOT has surpassed $20,000 in total.

And my daughter will be participating as well. So I am sure to be pumped up after watching my daughter complete FGB and then stepping up to do it myself. I am going to give it my all, and remember that it is not about me and my score will be there for me to beat next year.

p.s. if you want to donate - click here. I will still match.

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