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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Push Jerk x 1


Day 3 after two particularly tough days on. Day 1 was the brutal front squat x3 and also the rowing ladder. Day 2 was Laurie's BDay (yesterday) with the 90 weight vested box jumps.

Guess what - my legs are shot and flexibility was not good. Even the warmup hurt a little bit.

So while I intended to dive under every bar into a perfect split jerk landing, I just did not have it today. 195# was a great, great lift. 205# was a modified push press. And 215# was just a debacle. Felt a strain in my knee and that was my day.

Recap: Forgettable other than the nice 195# lift. Jack got 215# and I was proud to see it. Good technique beats bad - case in point: Jack beat Me.

Muscle ups - 2 good, 1 miss. On Friday I am going to do some muscle up skill work as I chill prior to FGB.

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