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Sunday, September 26, 2010

FGB5: A recap

What a day. I am exhausted, and not all of that was due to the workout. The energy and excitement at CF OldTown was like I had never seen. And kept up all day. I stopped in mid morning to check things out, and ended up counting for Amy. She did a great job and even turned it on in the last round, surpassing her round 2 output. One day, I want to be as fit as that.

Then later it was time for the CF kids. My daughter Stella and a dozen other CF Kids got a crack at doing FGB as well. I was a little surprised that they actually did the adult 3 rounds of 5, 1 minute stations. They subbed sit up and burpee for push press and high pull. So in other words, they had it just as hard as the adults, if not worse. No adult would willingly sub burpees for push press and think they could do as well with that. The Mayor came and talked to the kids, but "forgot his workout clothes" Ha. He may be in better shape then he used to be, but he would not have been able to hang with those kids. Stella did an amazing job and I am so proud of her. Next year, she will beat me if I don't step it up.

Then my turn. My knee still hurt but I was going to just go all out and see what happens. The first round was good and I held back a little. Got 100 reps in including 30 push press. Could have gotten 110 reps, but I wanted to save a little. Round 2 I was already tired. I pushed, but could not repeat my round 1 totals. 15% dropoff, which is pretty much normal for me. Round 3 I was sucking wind - hard. The last couple of stations I had no wind at all, and my knee was on fire. I ended on box jumps, which of course was a terrible place to be. 20 in round 1, but only 8 to end. On a good knee maybe I could have gotten 15?

But given that I only hurt my knee on Wed, it is already better than it was. So I am confident it will be 100% soon.

Total score 251. Without the bad knee, maybe 260? But no excuses. 251 is +29 from last year. If I keep it up, I have a real shot at 300 in 2 years. That is why I love CF. Getting from 222 to 300 reps in FGB is an unreal task. It basically means that you have to get 40% more fit. It is not something you can do in one week, one month or even one year. It is a goal that I have, and one that will take very long term dedication. I can't wait until next year.

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