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Monday, September 20, 2010

Front Squat x 3 & Row ladder

STRENGTH WOD take no more then 6 sets including warmups to find your 3 rep max in the front squat (should take less then 20 minutes).

Got 205 x 3 and then 215 and also 220 x2. Tough for me to string all 3 together. But still progress.

CONDITIONING WOD: 500m row for time, rest, 400m row for time, rest, 300m row for time, rest, 200m row for time, rest, 100m row for time. Take no more then 2-3 min rest between each effort.

1:46, 1:30, 1:07, 0:41, 0:19 = 5 min 23 seconds total. First time through. PR for 500m. The 100m felt the best. Was exhausted, but still able to pull. Have to remember. No matter how badly you feel, doing work does not feel that much worst that resting and gasping. And doing more work, does not feel that much worse than going easy. So just finish up and be done with it.

Gar, Jared, JC, Heather, Chad & Chris all put in some killer efforts today. Lunch bunch rocking.

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