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Friday, September 17, 2010

Robb Wolf

What a nice guy. His book signing was next door to Potomac Crossfit and he had people sit with him on a coach as he signed his book. Spent a good while with each person. Very generous.

My questions and his answers:

Me: So I have already lost my excess weight and gotten in better shape. I don't need the makeover or 30 day diet. So what do I do next.
Rob: Nice work. Keep it up. But also, find another fitness related outside interest. Rock climbing, hiking, boxing, whatever. Crossfit is awesome, but don't burn out. Use your fitness outside of CF.

Chad: Should I drink coconut water after a wod?
Rob: "A lean dude like yourself - go for it" But get some protein in as well.
Chad: Marky D - Rob Wolf called me a 'Lean Dude'

Me: My wife has rheumatoid arthritis, and suffers joint pain and restriction. Takes a huge amount of Motrin as well as biologic treatments. Can diet help at all.
Rob: There is a whole chapter on diet, leaky guy syndrome and auto-immune diseases. She should experiment with upping fish oil and removing grains from diet. Anything to reduce inflammation. See how it goes. Will not hurt, and possibly could help. Anything to get the motrin levels down is good, because eventually that will ruin her stomach.

That's it. Lot's of nice people from Potomac CF to chat with. A good outing.

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