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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hang Cleans to Jerk to Front Squat x3

3 of each, don't drop the baby (the bar)
Worked 65, 95, 115, 135, 155, 170 stop. Got them all. Maybe I was too cautious in the ramp up. But all the lifts felt good, and I was sucking wind after every round. I could have psyched myself up for one more ride with 180 or 185. But I was tired, and Jerry suggested stopping on a high note.

The cleans were super. I was not using my arms much, I was getting low, I was releasing the bar that the top. I feared the cleans the most and thought that would limit me. The rest I could power through, although I could have been better at getting under the jerks. Next time.

I feel like the K_Starr mobily wods are helping me immensely. Being confident and strong in a bigger range of motion = free money. Diving under the cleans and catching in a squat. Much easier than yanking that bad boy shoulder high. Duh - but this is new to me. I have always been strong, but not often smart and rarely quick or mobile. I like.

I felt almost like an actual crossfitter with speed and technique.

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