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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's your Bench?

Week 2 of "Bench Club"

Stuart has a competition coming up, and we aim to push him. I have no real role in it, other than bench press is fun for me. And if my presence helps Stu - then great. Stuart is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and I love that he is channeling his fitness towards an actual goal. In contrast, I love fitness, but only have a general undefined goal of "getting better" guiding me. So his dedication and goals are of interest to me. Maybe I will come around and compete in some way down the road?

Anyway, from the time I was 16, bench press was a central point of my fitness. A bunch of high schoolers at the gym, and we would absolutely challenge each other. College - same thing. What's your bench? And if it is not 225# you are not cool.
At my peak, I was able to get 295 when I weighted 145. So 2x body weight. That was when I was 20. My form was a mess, and I am sure it contributed to my shoulder issues. Those days are over. But in addition to pushing Stu, I would love to see if that is possible to safely get that weight again.

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been conservative. I believe I did 165 plus double bands last week and today I did 175 plus 2x chains.

Also, this is another window for me to see Jerry in his coaching glory. He is creative, dedicated and obsessed with helping others reach goals - whether pinpoint like Stuarts or fuzzy like my own.


  1. 295# @ 145# BWT!?! That's bananas. I could only BP 225# @ 145# BWT.

  2. Sean - look at me. I am all triceps and pecs with chicken legs. And I was back then too. I have not tried more than 175 plus the chains recently, so I have no idea what I can do.

    That is what makes it fun. Each week I am going to try a little more. So we will soon find out.

    The competition format for Stuart is not for me. Drop the weight and hold it still on your chest and wait for them to say push. No thanks.

    God bless Stuart. Someone from Crossfit has to represent.