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Monday, May 10, 2010

Olympic lifting cert - part 1

I attended the Olympic Lifting Cert at Crossfit Ocean City MD this past weekend. It was great. This is the same course that was taught last spring at CFOT with coach B. I was in maybe my 2nd week of CF at that point, and I had neither signed up or thought about it - and mostly, I was not ready.

Coach B did not make this one, but Erin Karshner - one of his assistants and lifters for many years was there. More on her later. Kirk Woolfolk was the other coach. He is the strength coach at the Naval Acadamy, and in addition, his daughter was Erin's roommate for many years as they worked with coach B, and recently married Casey Burgener. Small world.

Crossfit Ocean City, MD hosted this weekend. Last fall they moved into a new larger facility. It is kind of a warehouse with the big high ceiling and garage door - and it got hot on Sat. But we were there all day. For an hour I bet it is not ever too bad. It was big and a great facility. Steve and Kelly Rakow are the owners and they are great. They also had two of their coaches help out on Sat. Steve and Kelly were also very accomodating. They arranged a group dinner for us on Sat, and made sure were had everything we needed. Plus they are two great coaches and people. I like them. Kelly is a pure energy, by the way.

So there were 22 people attending. I was one of about 5 that was not a current CF coach or owner. There were several coaches/owners from CF Richmond, Frederick, Gathersburg, BWI, King of Prussia, Saratoga NY, Austin TX, Bethesda, Columbia, MD, Philly and more. So in addition to the 2 paid coaches, and the 4 local coaches there were lots of coaches watching my form.

More in part II ..... later

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