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Monday, May 10, 2010

Olympic Cert - Part II

Awww... the group photo. We took this on Sunday when it was cooler. If we had done it on Sat - when it was hot - I would have pulled a Harold.

Anyway about the cert. Like I said, there were 2 paid instructors, plus 2 owners and 2 coaches from CF OC. And of the 22 attendees, there were at least 15 coaches and owners from other affiliates.

We alternated between the big group, 2 smaller groups, and then partnering up with alternating people. So, I had a lot of people checking out my snatch (and clean and jerk). It was all very helpful. I cannot wait to out it into action.

Instructor Erin was particularly helpful. She had been a lifter on the US team under Coach Burgener for years. So she knows his system, methods, and plus - she knows what it is like to be a student. Her perspective was great. A must do for anyone looking to lift some weight over their heads.

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