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Thursday, May 06, 2010

(Near) Death by Pullups

My pullups have never been great. Strong shoulders can sometimes mean inflexible shoulders. As a matter of fact, show me any short, strong crossfitter that can strict press their body weight, and I will show you someone that has poor range of motion in their shoulders. But I have been working on it.

So really, I have never had a great "kipping" pullup. For a time I did frog-kick chin ups, then for a time I did a couple of pullups. But could never really string them together.

Until now. All my shoulder stretching, my visit to Kelly Starrett, the lacrosse ball, the roller, etc - has helped. And you should have seen me today. Multiple rounds of 8+ kipping pullups in a row. I was stoked.

My prior PR was 15 full rounds and a little with this little workout. Today, I got through 15, then 16, then 17. Look at me. But then it all fell apart. I finished round 17 at 16:59 on the clock. I did not take time to chalk up, my tape was mangled, and my hands were sweaty. So after a burst of 4, then 54 more. I took a mighty jump at the bar and swung back - only to slip completely off and start heading down.down.down.

What saved me? For some odd reason I decided to put a med ball under me to use as a little step ladder because the bar I was on, was just a little high for me. So Amy, I am so glad that you wanted that lower bar, and I did that. Chad tells me that I landed ass on the med ball, and then, my head slammed back on the concrete. While I have a good sized knot, this could have been a lot worse.

A LOT worse.

But I did PR, and I am psyched that my pullups are coming along.


  1. Yes, you are correct - it could have been a LOT worse.

    I saw a pull-up bar shear off in a guy's hands one day at the start of WOD. He landed flat on his back, on a concrete floor with no padding whatsoever. Blood coming out the ears and nose within seconds...he had a skull fracture, spent weeks in the hospital and was ordered to 2 years of "no impact" exercise. Yikes!

  2. Holy crap. I am luckier than I knew.