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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Front Squats + 4x chains

New idea - a little video blog. I am going to record my thoughts and post them on the blog.

Todays WOD:
Front squats with 2 sets of heavy chains on each sides - or about 86 pounds.

Getting in and out of the rack was an adventure. Shared a bar with Jerry - now part of the 1230 lunch hour of power. I tried not to let it get in my head, but clearly it does. But bottom line, working out with him around is going to push me. I used to joke that I hated Tom - which I didn't. But of course I was jealous of his abilities. Same situation here. Anytime someone is better, stronger, faster than me, makes me want to improve.

I am going to improve a lot.

And now the video:


  1. I love it. I especially love the barely discernible Primal Blueprint poster right behind you.

  2. Chad - That poster will soon be replaced with the Mark Sisson pyramid of awesomeness food chart.

  3. Marky D, when you do the video blog, take your shirt off.

  4. Harold - That is why you were team captain.
    Funny thing, if you look down my blog a little you can see the picture from the cert I attended. Right before the picture I thought about pulling a Harold - but it was 55 degrees.