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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back Squat x5

Working with Vinnie and Jerry. Jerry & Vinnie each wearing the green CFOT Kool-Aid man shirt and super strong. Me, grey t-shirt and not so much. I was in a bit over my head.

(Deep thoughts:)
I am finally starting to be able to manage my workout without worrying about everyone around me. I find that on a strength day, it is key to have a good records on what you have done before and any notes. So for example - I knew that I had done back squat x3 with 1 set of chains with 225#. 5 reps and now 2 sets of chains are two variables to deal with, but I had some boundaries. So when Vinnie and Jerry quickly jumped to 225, I knew to back off. I did 185 and then 205. I struggled mightily at 205 so I am damn sure that 225 was a no go today.

As for met con work. I am also starting to learn the benefits of moderation. Depending on the relative length of the workout, I have to remember to pace differently. Cindy or Murph - just do the work in a steady pace and limit any breaks. 10-20 minutes, I try to hold back initially as I get warmed up on the range of motion, and then increase output. And shorter (say a 500m row) just go all out.

Yesterday we had the sntach/burpee workout. For most, it was 8-12 minutes. So I planned to do the first round at a moderate and steady pace, and then go all out. After 12 of each exercise, then the rounds were shorter and I was fully warmed up. My burpees went from a 4 step movement - crouch, extend legs, pushup, jump - to faster suicide dive into a collapsed pushup, pop up and jump. Personally, if my first burpee looks like that, then I am going to crash soon, and be in some pain too. But as I warm up, I can do it.

Doesn't mean that I still did not break and gasp for air. But I think that is a good sign. I am trying to push in excess of my capacity. Briefly gasping and pausing is a good sign that I did.

Deep thought topic for tomorrow: Zombie time thief

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