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Monday, May 10, 2010

More "Fall" out

It has been 4 days since my fall from glory, I mean the pul l up bar. Things have not worked out like I expected. Mu initial thoughts and concerns were over the horrible hit my head took on the concrete. It swelled up, and I felt not quite right. But slowly, the lump has gotten better and I am comfortable that I never got a concussion or caused any permanent issue. I must hav a hard head.

My hand is another story. I noticed that my pinky and rind finger were bleeding. I am still not sure why. But in addition to landing on the back of my head, I did a backhand slap on the concrete. It is sore, a little numb and all sorts of fun swollen colors.

Today I am going for an X ray.

I saw a doctor at my Olympic Cert - and his quick assessment was that it was pretty bad. But that you have a week to treat it, so I am still in that window. And yes, I went through the whole Olympic lifting cert with taped fingers and a little pain. But the PVC did not bother it.

More later.

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