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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Murph - 43:20

Murph is important to me. But not for the proper reasons. The workout "Murph" was named to honor someone who bravely died in service to our country. I respect that and everything it represents.

But when I say Murph - the workout - is important to me, I am being strictly selfish. Last spring and summer I was out of shape and depressed about my situation. Middle age, parenthood, a desk job, etc had taken its toll on me and I had just about thrown in the towel. Finding CF and Jerry Hill's CF Old Town was the 1-2 punch I needed, and it was starting to work. And nothing seemed to help me shed pounds like Murph did. In April, May, June, July & August I did Murph on my own in addition to regular CF. And over that time I lost 20+ pounds. Of course a better diet, and the whole CF regime did this. But I truly believed that the suffering incurred while doing Murph deserved the credit. Whatever floats your boat.

So from that very first Murph (76 minutes/no vest) to my 40th birthday (71 minutes with 20# vest) to the July 4th beach playground Murph (60 minutes no vest) to today (43:20 / no vest) they have all been memorable.

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