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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pullup and HSPU craziness

Partner workout. 3 alternating rounds each of

Both Run 400m together, then in remaining time do max pullups / HSPU 1 person working at a time.

Chad and I teamed up and n theory it was a perfect match. He is great at pullups and I am great at HSPU. But the realities are that he is coming down with a nasty cold and his energy was low to start and none at the end. And I did Bench club this a.m., and was also a little low on energy. Enough excuses.

The first 4 passes (2 each of runs / pullup and 2 of run / hspu) were really fun. Kind of felt like a kid running around the playground. Got a consecutive pullup PR of 15 in round 1 and then did 20 in round 2. My kip is finally legit. Chad put on a show and did 27 in round 1. Took him over a minute and I was getting a little impatient!

HSPU were good as well. I did sets of 15, 10, 8 and then some of 5. In total I did 99 in the 3 rounds. I think it was 37,32,30. I really wanted 100 - but time ran out as I was on #99 and that was a monumental struggle as it was.

In general the last 2 times through were tough. The temp was near 90 and humid, and the runs sapped energy. Although I finished near the front on the last run which U think just means that I sucked a little less than some others. We were all slow.

Overall a fun WOD. I think Melissa got some good pictures. I will add them later.

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