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Monday, March 01, 2010

Sat - Jerk Press then Death by pullups

Worked up to 205. It is painfully clear that I am push pressing and not jerk pressing this weight. Goal #1 for me this year is to master the technique. Others in the gym can jerk press 40-50% more than they can push press. Mine are equal. So in theory, there is no reason that I cannot jerk press 250, 275 or 300!

300# would be an awesome achievement, and I promise to get there.

Death by pullups.
After jerk pressing ( I mean push pressing) all that weight overhead, my shoulders were already tired. So it is no surprise that I could not PR in Death by pullups. I got 14 full rounds and some change. Once again, I was not doing smooth kipping pullups. I was using brute force and determination.

See next post for related learnings.


  1. I guess we're in the same boat you & I - we both Push Press exactly what we Push Jerk. Time to up the ante and learn some technique!

  2. You got it bro. Back to basics. Being strong is fun, but using technique and being strong is better.

  3. I can't even imagine what would happen if we actually got the technique down. What with your strength and my speed we could be giving those big boys a run for the money!