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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Intervals - C&J, Burpees, Row

I had a nice chat with Jerry about my progress today. Kind of like the teacher conference that I will have with my 7 year old's teacher later this week. Anyway, with 1 year of CF under my belt, and my belt itself still being on the skinniest notch :> , I am a little lost as to what to do next. I am not signed up for the sectionals, there are no hoppers coming up, etc...

So do I try to focus on getting stronger, better technique, more powerful, or increase my capacity. I am sure people would say - all of the above. But here is a specific. When there is a barbell metcon with a list of prescribed weights, do I want to pick elite and struggle to get that done, or do I want to scale down and try to do it with speed?

Based on my fitness level, Jerry and I choose to scale down and go for speed. My capacity is lacking vs some of the rest of you. During Helen for example, I can race out of the gate and hang with anyone, but my ability to keep up will fade with each round. I want to sprint that last 400, but I end up shuffle/jogging.

So here is my action plan. Each day I will do 10 minutes of extra work in addition to the roller, stretching, etc.. On a strength day, I will alternate 400m repeats or 2 minute row repeats. On metcon or interval days, I will rotate between kipping pullup work, muscle up transitions, and my new favorite thing: handstands without the wall. I love trying those!

So there you have it. Don't muddle through. Jerry (and Melissa) love to coach and help you work through stuff.


  1. A man on a mission, I like that. I need some focus too, maybe I'll pick Jerry's brain as well.

  2. Sean- first I sent Jerry a note with some thoughts, and we traded some ideas. Then, I came to cfot when he had 5 minutes to spare. He had been thinking about it and had lots of ideas. I think he likes noodling those coaching advice questions.