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Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday bodyweight elements workshop

What a great event. 2+ hours of semi one-on-one time to work on a few elements. Namely: pullups, handstand pushups, muscle ups and double-unders. 5 CFOT coaches and limited to about 20 members. I have so much to work on in all 4 areas. My plan is to work on one element for 10 minutes after every CFOT class. I hope the rotation will keep it fresh and keep me from burning out or overworking.

Highlight of the day. Danny helping me to get - a brief - but solid handstand away from the wall. Not good enough to call a true handstand, but good enough to give me enthusiasm to keep working it as I really think I can get it.

Here is me workout on pulling one leg away from the wall, and then the next. My arms are too far apart, among other issues, But I am getting there.

Lowlight - Doing so many pullups that I ripped a gaping hole in my hand in minute 30 of a 2 hour seminar.

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