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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm back

Back from vacation and right back at it. As in airport to CFOT kind of
thing. I actually had sand in my shoes when I changed (Fl beach sand!)

Anyway. On Fri and Sat, those of us not doing sectionals gave their
workouts a try. Minus the rest in between. Coming back from a week
completely off, I was rested but rusty. Got almost 13 rounds of
weighted Cindy. Not bad. C&J was a no go. The rude welcome back of wod
1 was enough.

About 15 hours later I retuned for the last two wods. I scaled the oh
squat - which is my worst lift - and got 3+ rounds. With 5 min rest we
jumped into the last wod. I used the 88# kb, and got in 6+ rounds.
With no rest, that was ok.

Looking at our sectional competitors and some of the men's results, I
am blown away. My best would not get me in the top 100. Crazy.

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